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Creating a new billing account
Creating a new billing account
Updated over a week ago

Are you looking to add services with us for the first time? Perhaps you are wanting to separate some existing services between multiple billing accounts?

Either way this guide is aimed to help users create a new billing account. In order to do so you will need to have an e-mail address to put on file that you have access to communicate with our team or receive notices and updates.

  1. Access the URL of our billing area. Use the link below to access unless you are a UK based customer, in which case click the link here.

  2. You should arrive at a page asking for some client detail information. The information requested is required (unless the field states optional) and must be entered accurately with real information for the person tied to the account.

    You can read our privacy policy, which shows we do not use or sell your personal information.

  3. After filling out the details outlined above you should see a section (on the same page) related to account security. Enter the password you wish to use to login to your billing account, as well as setup a security question and answer in case of needing recovery.

  4. Once complete read the terms of service and check the box to show you have read and agreed to the terms, then click the Register button.

  5.  Your account should now be setup and can be used to add and view any existing products.

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