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Recovering your billing account
Recovering your billing account
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This guide is aimed to help users recover an existing account of which they can not login to. If you do not yet have an account, view our guide on account creation.

In order to recover an account by following this guide you will need to have access to the email address on file for the account. In cases you do not remember or have access to the email address on file a member of our team will need to assist you in regaining access. This method may require time and documents for you to prove your identity or ownership of the company tied to the account. For these cases please create a new conversation with our team..

  1. Access the URL of your client billing area. Use the link below to access unless you are a UK based customer, in which case click the link here.

  2. You should arrive at a page with a login form asking for your email address and password. In this case we need to request recovery of the account prior to being able to login. To do so click the Forgot Password? button.

  3. You should now be on the password reset page. Enter the email address on file for the account you wish to recover. Once done hit the Submit button.

  4. You should then be prompted to answer the security question on file for the account (if a question/answer is setup on the account). Enter the answer and click Submit once again. If you are unable to answer correctly you may need to follow the account recovery process described at the top of this guide.

  5. A validation email should arrive shortly at the email address on file. Check your inbox (and spam folder) and click on the password reset link.

  6. This should take you to a page where you can now enter a new password for your account. Enter the newly desired password and then the Save Changes button. Your account should now be accessible with the email address and password you just set.

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