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View and payment of invoices
View and payment of invoices
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This guide is aimed to help users view invoices tied to their account, as well as how to pay these invoices with either Credit Card or PayPal type payment.

  1. Access the URL of your client billing area. Use the link below to access unless you are a UK based customer, in which case click the link here.

    2. Once logged in select Billing from the navigation, then click My Invoices from the drop-down.

    3. You will now see a list of invoices associated with your account. This includes invoices dating all the way back to your account creation.

    You can view the status of an invoice (unpaid, paid, or cancelled) next to the invoice number as well as the date the invoice was created, is due, and the amount associated with that invoice.

    4. To view information about the invoice, or to submit payment, click on the invoice in question.

    5. You should now see the services the invoice is pertaining to, as well as the status of the invoice. If the status is unpaid, then you should see the payment method drop-down allowing you to submit payment for this particular invoice.

    6. Once you submit payment (or if payments already been completed) you should see a green PAID text on the invoice to verify that the invoice has been paid successfully.

Invoice Frequently Ask Questions

Question: Do my invoices automatically pay using the credit card on file?

Answer: Yes, invoices will automatically be attempting capture on the credit card on file as long as you have the service the invoice is generated for set to Credit Card payment (I.E. You didn’t choose “PayPal” as the payment type when ordering) and you have a credit card on file. If you need to add or update the card on file, then please see our guide on managing the credit card on file for an account.

Question: Can I setup a PayPal subscription so I do not have to pay via PayPal manually each time?

Answer: Yes, we welcome PayPal subscriptions. However in order to set this up you must follow the step by step instructions above for the invoice before that invoice becomes past-due. Once the invoice is considered ‘late’, then you will have to pay that invoice manually via PayPal (or Credit Card) and wait until the next invoice is generated to start the subscription.

It is also important to note that for PayPal subscriptions if you ever decide to place a cancellation request for the package you are subscribing to you must also cancel your PayPal subscription from within PayPal so you do not continue sending payments in when your service(s) are no longer.

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