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View billing account email history
View billing account email history
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This guide is aimed to help users view history of emails sent from our billing system including product/service emails, invoice emails and many other system emails that are regularly sent to your account.

To view the emails sent to your account from our system see the steps below:

  1. Access the URL of your client billing area. Use the link below to access unless you are a UK based customer, in which case click the link here.

  2. Once logged in click the Hello drop-down from the navigation menu, then select Email History.

  3. You will now see a list of all emails our system has record of sending to your account. By default this is pre-sorted by most recent, although you can change this by selecting the field headers such as Message Subject.

  4. You can click on View Message to view the contents of the message you want to view. If you have browser popups blocked you might need to temporarily turn this on or enable this feature for the current site.

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