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Setting up e-mail with Thunderbird
Setting up e-mail with Thunderbird
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This guide is aimed to help users setup and connect their Thunderbird email client to work with their Hostek hosted email account(s).

The video above can help guide you through setting up email on your Thunderbird application. You can also find written instructions for this setup below as well:

Setting up Thunderbird

  1. Open the Thunderbird email client. Then open the menu (top-right of Thunderbird). Hover over the Options menu option and select Account Settings.

  2. If you have any accounts already setup you will see them here. Click the Account Actions drop-down and then select Add Mail Account.

  3. Enter the desired display name, as well as the full e-mail address of the user you wish to connect to and the password associated with that user.

  4. Click on Continue, then click on Manual Config so we can set the correct settings for this account.

  5. You should now see all the settings for this new account. Here we will update the server host name, ports, SSL settings, and authentication type.

  6. Select the account type (IMAP or POP) that you are wanting to use. If you are unsure of the differences, then we highly recommend using IMAP.

  7. Enter in your mail servers full host name in both the Incoming Server hostname and Outgoing Server hostname fields.

    If you use your own domain (such as, then you will need a dedicated SSL certificate installed on the mail server in order to connect to mail securely. Otherwise you will need to keep SSL turned off.

     - If you are on one of our shared environments, then you can use the mail server host name provided within your account welcome email. This host name will also be available for the use of SSL (secure) email connection.

  8. If you are planning on connecting with SSL select the drop-down for both incoming SSL and outgoing SSL and change this to SSL/TSL.

    You might see the Port field change after changing the SSL field. The port that you will use will be determined based on what kind of connection you are making. Please see the below scenarios and update your port as needed:

    Port (If using IMAP and SSL): 993
    Port (If using POP and SSL): 995
    Port (If using IMAP and insecure): 143
    Port (If using POP and insecure): 110

  9. The Authentication field should be set to 'Normal password'.

  10. Your e-mail account should now be added to your ThunderBird application successfully.

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