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Setting up e-mail with IOS device
Setting up e-mail with IOS device
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This guide is aimed to help users setup and connect their IOS devices (iPhone and iPad for example) to work with their Hostek hosted email account(s).

Setting up IOS devices

  1. Open the Settings icon on your IOS device. This should look like a gear symbol.

  2. Scroll until you find the option for Passwords & Accounts and select this option.

  3. Click on Add Account underneath all of your existing accounts (if any).

  4. Choose the option for Other in the list of e-mail providers to choose from.

  5. Choose the option for Add Mail Account under the Mail section.

  6. Enter the requested information for the name of the account, full e-mail address, password associated with the account and if desired enter the description for the account you are adding. Click Next once you have this information set correctly.

    Note: The e-mail address needs to be the full [email protected] address and the password needs to be correct in order to connect.

    A few of the fields on the next page should be auto-populated based on your input from this step.

  7. Choose (at the top of screen) between using IMAP or POP for the account type. If you are unsure, then we recommend that you choose IMAP.

  8. Enter in your mail servers full host name in the Host Name name fields (for incoming and outgoing). If you have '' pointing to the mail server you can use this.

    - If you are on one of our shared environments, then you can use the mail server host name provided within your account welcome email. This host name will also be available for the use of SSL (secure) email connection.

  9. Enter your full e-mail address for the user you are wanting to connect to in both the Incoming and Outgoing mail server settings in the field labeled User Name.

  10. The password we filled out earlier should have auto-populated the incoming server password field. However, we still need to enter the password in the Password field under the Outgoing Mail Server settings section.

  11. Once you verify all the settings look correct click the Next button. If the device was able to establish a connection successfully you should be asked which apps to add to your account. Choose the option for Mail and then click Save.

  12. The account should now be added. However, in most cases the e-mail might not yet be fully functional for receiving and sending mail.

    You will now need to select the account you added from the list of accounts. Then click the account again.

  13. Click on the SMTP option underneath the section for Outgoing Mail server. Then click on the option for primary server. You will now want to set the port and SSL settings as needed for your account.

    Settings (If using SSL):
    - SSL: Yes, enabled.
    - Port: 465

    Settings (If insecure):
    - SSL: No, disabled.
    - Port: 587

    Click Done once you have the correct SSL and port set. It might take a minute while it is 'Verifying' the settings.

  14. Now go back to Account (click on Account on top-left of screen), then click on the Advanced option.

  15. We can now change the port and SSL settings as needed for the incoming mail server.

    Settings (If using IMAP and SSL):
    - SSL: Yes, enabled.
    - Port: 993

    Settings (If using POP and SSL):
    - SSL: Yes, enabled.
    - Port: 995

    Settings (If using IMAP and insecure):
    - SSL: No, unchecked to disable.
    - Port: 143

    Settings (If using POP and insecure):
    - SSL: No, unchecked to disable.
    - Port: 110

    Any changes you make here should be automatically applied.

  16. Your account should now be added and setup to send and receive e-mail. If you experience any issues with sending or receiving e-mail a member of our team would love to assist you.

    When connecting to our support please provide any errors you are receiving, as well as screenshots of your existing account settings.

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