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Per-Application Robust Exception Information
Per-Application Robust Exception Information

Enable detailed ColdFusion errors in your application

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How to enable and disable Robust Exception Information

Robust exception information can be critical in resolving an exception being thrown within ColdFusion on your website. This feature is meant to point you to the specific aspect of your application that is throwing the exception. In this article, I will go over whats required to enable Robust Exception information on a Per-Application basis.

This is accomplished by accessing your site’s ‘Application.cfc’ configuration file and implementing the following code:

<cfset this.enablerobustexception = true /> 

You can disable Robust Exceptions by change the “true” value to “false”.

If your website does not utilize an Application.cfc configuration file then you will need to create one and implement the following code:

<cfcomponent displayname="Application" output="true">

<cfset THIS.Name = "Debugging" />
<cfset this.enablerobustexception = true />


Please Note: On Windows, detailed errors will need to be enabled within your site’s IIS settings in order to see the output of the server's robust exception information. 

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