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Tickets to Conversations
Tickets to Conversations
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This guide is aimed to help users understand the new system in place for communication between users and members of our team.

In order to explain how the new system works we will regularly compare the old system to the new system below:

Old System VS New System

Conversations Tied To Accounts 

When submitting a request for assistance or information it is very important that we know of whom we are talking to, as well as information on the account in question.

With the old system this was not achievable and would require our team to respond asking for which account this is in regards to, or perhaps ask for security verification. 

The new system allows our team to know who they are speaking to, as well as provide an already verified form of conversation as long as the conversation is created from the account you are requesting changes or information to.

One-on-One Conversations 

The old system handled every incoming response (via ticket system) in a round robin fashion. This means that while Technician "A" may have responded to your ticket initially the next response could come from Technician "B".

After a lot of research over the years we've found that it is not only more personal to speak to the same technician through the length of the conversation. Additionally, it allows for better understanding and clarity of the issue at hand. Now a technician can see an issue through from start to end (or at least until the end of their shift) and if needed escalate the issue to a specific team member or group while still being involved in that conversation.

Access to Helpful Articles

When opening the conversation window (located on bottom-right of all Hostek affiliated websites) you can search our knowledge base for articles that may be helpful in solving different situations, such as setting up e-mail clients.

Additionally, if you are already in an open conversation with a member of our team we can send you an in-conversation article response so that you can view a helpful guide.

Have an article you'd like to suggest? Create a new conversation with our team and provide your suggestion and they'll tag it as an article request so that our documentation team can add this to their project board.

Creating A Conversation

In the old system we had a URL dedicated to submitting a new ticket request, as well as the ability to create via e-mailing support.

The new system makes conversations much easier, as you can access any of our Hostek affiliated websites (main website, client area, dashboard, etc...) and create or continue a conversation from there.

If you login to your account dashboard or client area you will automatically be tied to your account and see any existing conversations, as well as the ability to create new conversations. Once you login a cookie is stored in your browser, so you can create conversations that are tied to your account (and verified) via the main website if desired.

If you are not logged in then you can still create a conversation from our main website. However the conversation is not tied to the account and no changes or information can be provided by our team without first logging in.

You can also create a new conversation via e-mail (e-mail address on file). If creating the conversation via e-mail our team may require you to reply back verifying that you have access to the e-mail in question (and not just spoofing the address).

The awesome thing about a conversation is it's not tied to just live chat or e-mail. You can see and reply to the existing conversation via either or both of these options. So if you are at the office and create a conversation directly in your browser, then you could continue that same conversation with a member of our team via e-mail on your way home.

View our guide on creating a conversation if needing additional information on this subject.

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