DataSources (DSNs)

Datasources describe a connection to a datasource (i.e. databases).

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 1. Login to your WCP control panel.

 Note: You can view our topic on logging into WCP if you need help with this step.

2. Once logged in if you are not already on the domain in questions control panel page then click on the ‘Hosted Domains’ drop-down from the top of the pages navigation bar. Then select the desired domain from the drop-down.

3. Click on the DataSources (DSNs) icon.


1. Once you are located within the DataSources box, click the Add button to begin adding a new Datasource.

 2. Select the type of datasource you will be adding from the list of types presented.

3. Once you have selected the type, you will be directed to a new box. In this form enter the connection details for this datasource. This will vary between datasource types. For this example, we will be using an MSSQL database type.

4. Once you have filled out the form click the Save button. If successful you will be directed back to the DSN list and a green bar will indicate that the Datasource Added Successfully.

Edit an Existing DSN

1. Once you are located within the Datasources box, click the Pencil (:pencil_edit:) icon next to the datasource you would like to edit.

2. You will be directed to the configuration window for the selected DSN. You will not be able to edit the name, however, most other settings can be modified.

3. Once you have finished modifying the datasource click the Save button. If the DSN was edited successfully you will be redirected back to the DSN list and a green banner will let you know that the Datasource Updated Successfully.

Deleting a DSN

To delete a DSN you will just need to click the Trashcan (:trashcan_delete:) icon next to the DSN you would like to delete. A confirmation window will open, asking to confirm deletion of the DSN. Click Ok to proceed.

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