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What is Microsoft SQL Server?
What is Microsoft SQL Server?
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What is Microsoft SQL?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications.

Microsoft SQL is one of the worlds largest used SQL Database Engines. While it can be used for the smallest of sites it is most widely known for being used for bigger type businesses and corporations as it is trusted by users globally for security, replication, integration services, and much more…

I recommend that you review the features and capabilities of SQL Server if you’re interested for more information.

What is the difference between the available versions?

Microsoft offers many different versions of it’s software, which these versions determine what features is available to the user(s). For example some versions of SQL may not let you utilize all the available CPU Cores on the server, while another (higher) version of SQL allows you to utilize all the available cores for better performance capabilities.

The comparison of the different versions vary based on the server version that you choose (such as SQL 17, which is the latest SQL version at this time). You can find the comparison of version of SQL below:

Remote management with SSMS

Whether you’re looking to create, modify, or delete data stored within your SQL database a common requirement to first do so is to connect to your database via an SQL Database Editor. The most commonly used tool to manage Microsoft SQL databases is SQL Server Management Studio (or SSMS for short).

There are different verions of SSMS, so you always want to be sure to attempt connecting with the same version of SSMS as the server version of SQL that you’re using. Since we recommend everyone stay up to date and take advantage of the new features / tools in the later version we will just go over the latest SQL 17 SSMS tool.

Note: SSMS 2017 supports connecting to databases that run between SQL versions 2008 - 2017, so this tool will work for connecting to your database most likely unless you’re running a version prior to 2008.

As of SQL17 this tool is a stand-alone product and isn’t included during the install of SQL Server. You can find the download page for this product at the URL below: 1

Manage Databases & Users via WCP

Our custom built control panel (WCP) has built in functionality that allows you to manage your Microsoft SQL databases & users as well as adjust the permissions needed on each.

Instead of logging into the server and seeing all the databases and users listed you can keep track of which domain (website) each database belongs to by creating the databases / users within the respective control panel for each domain.

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