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Transition to SmarterMail 17 Quick Overview

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Update to SmarterMail 17

The transition to Smartermail 17 brings many new features, a new streamlined UI, and many security features. Below we will be covering some of the major differences you will see when logging in. Our support team is here to assist with any questions you have.

New UI

The latest Smartermail update provides a new look and quicker access to the most commonly used features.

The Nav Bar, located on the left side in versions 15.7 and below, has moved to the top of the page. The menu buttons have remained mainly the same.

SmarterMail 15.7 and below

SmarterMail 17

Menu Items

  1. Email

  2. Calendar

  3. Contacts

  4. Tasks

  5. Notes

  6. Team WorkSpaces

  7. RSS

  8. Reporting

  9. Settings

  10. Compose New Email

Full documentation for all smarter mail features can be found here.

Additional Charges of Note


  1. Contact Groups - You can create groups for your contacts. Clicking the Eye icon will hide or unhide groups.

  2. View Options - Switch between how your contacts are presented.

  3. Filter - Filtering options are now located above contacts.

The Compose New Email is now the last icon on the right in the navbar.

  1. Flags - Flags are now located under the ellipsis menu.

  2. CC & BCC - CC & BCC’s are now added on the right side of the To: field.

  3. Updated HTML Editor - Added functionality and design to the Webmail HTML Editor

Additional Resources

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