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Relaying Mail with ColdFusion
Relaying Mail with ColdFusion
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ColdFusion Mail

ColdFusion has the ability to deliver email messages locally or externally from a mail server. The tag to accomplish this is  which is easy to utilize and implement within your web applications.

SmarterMail SMTP Authentication for VPS'

For security reasons, it is the best practice to use SMTP Authentication for all scripts, either with SmarterMail on the VPS or an External SMTP Server, this is to prevent unauthorized emails being sent from the VPS. If SMTP Authentication Bypass is needed, and cannot be avoided, the Bypass can be set up through the security settings in SmarterMail.

Using CFMAIL with External SMTP (shared and VPS)

This second method will allow you to send through an external SMTP server such as It requires specifying the server, port, useSSL, username, and password attributes as shown below:

  username="[email protected]"
  subject="Sample CF e-mail">

This is the body of a test email.


If you’re having trouble utilizing <cfmail> in your application please feel free to contact (link) our support team and we’ll be happy to help.


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