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Per-Application Custom Tag Paths
Per-Application Custom Tag Paths
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Starting in ColdFusion 8, ColdFusion allows the creation of Custom Tag Paths in each site’s Application.cfc file. This allows you to create and manage your Custom Tag Paths without needing to use or have access to the ColdFusion Administrator.

The below setting is what will control your Custom Tag Paths setting for your ColdFusion application. Add this to your Application.cfc configuration file.

<cfset THIS.customtagpaths="C:\path\to\wwwroot\customtagfolder">

You will need to replace the path with the full absolute path of your custom tags directory. You can use ExpandPath to help with this if necessary. For customers, you can see the full path to your site’s web root in the Site Settings tool in WCP.

Now you have successfully added your custom tag path. If you need to add another directory to your Custom Tag Paths setting, add the below code:

<cfset THIS.customtagpaths=ListAppend(THIS.customtagpaths, "d:\home\\wwwroot\customtagfolder")>

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