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Per-Application ColdFusion Mappings
Per-Application ColdFusion Mappings
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In ColdFusion 8 and newer, it is possible to create per-application mappings through your site’s Application.cfc file. This is accomplished with the following setting in your Application.cfc configuration file.


On your site, you would need to change /test to the name of your mapping.

You need to include the forward slash before the name of your mapping. You will also need to change d:\home\\wwwroot\test to the full physical path to the folder you wish to map.

For customers, the physical path to your site’s root is listed in the “Site Settings” of your control panel at

To include a template named “testing.cfm” in the “test” directory we just mapped, you would use this line:

<cfinclude template="/test/testing.cfm">
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