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How to Get a ColdFusion Server Settings Summary
How to Get a ColdFusion Server Settings Summary
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Please note that this will only work if you have ColdFusion Admin permission. We cannot share this information from a shared server.

The ‘Setting Summary’ feature in ColdFusion allows you to get and share an exhaustive report of your ColdFusion environment. This is helpful in cases in which you need to compare ColdFusion environments, reproduce an issue, or audit the settings on a server you don’t have full admin rights to.

Navigating to Settings Summary

  1. Login to your ColdFusion Administrator

  2. Expand the Server Settings section, if necessary

  3. Click on the Settings Summary link.

  4. Wait for the page to load, then click on Save As PDF

  5. Wait for the PDF to render, then right click and save to a file.

Below you can see an illustrated screen recording that walks you through how to do this yourself.

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