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Pre-Propagation URL’s for your cPanel VPS
Pre-Propagation URL’s for your cPanel VPS
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cPanel Pre-propagation URL's

cPanel’s EasyApache 4 comes with the module “mod_userDir” that allows a domain to be accessed from the domain’s IP address and username in the following format:

This can be useful for when you’re migrating domains or performing development-related changes to your site before wanting the public to view the changes.

Enabling mod_userDir

  1. To begin, we will want to start by accessing our WHM here.

   2. Once logged in, we’ll want to navigate to the “EasyApache 4” function within                WHM.

    3. Select ‘Customize’ within the EasyApache 4 page.

    4. Select ‘Apache Modules’ and search for ‘mod_ruid2’ as well as ‘mod_mpm_itk’            and disable them with the switch on the right. If these are already disabled, then          you may move onto step 5.

    5. Once you’ve disabled ‘mod_ruid2’ and ‘mod_mpm_itk’ you’ll want to search and          enable ‘mod_suPHP’.

    6. Now select ‘Review’ out of the column on the left and then select ‘Provision’ at              the bottom of the screen.Note: This page will vary depending on the packages              that your server already has installed.

    7. Once the provision process is complete, you’ll want to navigate to the ‘MultiPHP            Manager’ function within WHM and find the PHP version your domain is using.

    8. Then select 'PHP Handler’

    9. From here, you’ll want to select ‘Edit’ for the PHP version that the pre-                            propagation URL will be utilizing and set the drop down to ‘suPHP’ and then                  select 'Apply’

   10. Now we will want to restart Apache to ensure our changes take effect. To do                 this,  you can search for “HTTP Server (Apache)” and restart the Apache web                 server from within this function.

    11. Then navigate back to ‘List Accounts’ and left-click on the IP address of the                   domain you would like to view!

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