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Managing Application Folders
Managing Application Folders

Windows Control Panel (WCP), Domain Control Panel

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Application Folder

Within the WCP Control Panel, The “Application Folders” utility allows you to designate a directory within your file structure to be recognized as its own application in the IIS Web Server.

To add an application directory to your domain, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your WCP Control Panel

Note: You can view our topic on logging into WCP if you need help with this step.

2. Next, select the appropriate domain name from the “Hosted Domains” drop-down menu.

3. Once WCP has loaded the desired domain, navigate to the “Website settings” category and select the “Application Folders” button.

4. After selecting the “Application Folders” button you will be presented with the “Application Folders” dialog window. This will allow you to choose what domain or sub-domain to apply the “Application” designation to.

5. Once you have selected the desired domain, select the greenContinue” button to proceed.

6. In the next dialog window, use the interface to select the desired directory to designate. Use the “+” symbol to access the nested directories.

7. Make sure that the directory that you select is present in the “Selected” field.

8. If the information is entered successfully, click the “Add Application” button.

9. If you need to remove the designation, just locate the directory that is listed as an application with the gear icon, and then select the “Remove Application” button to remove it.

The benefit of designating a directory as an application is that you are able to apply further specificity on top of the individual directory with regard to how IIS will treat requests made to that directory. As an example, this will allow you the ability to configure a single “Shopping Cart” application into is own directory with unique configuration settings that are dedicated to the “Shopping Cart” not the site as a whole.

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