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Changing PHP Version
Changing PHP Version

This post will be covering how to manage and modify your PHP version and settings via your cPanel Control Panel.

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Changing PHP Version

1.) Login to your cPanel by navigating to (

2.)Click on the Choose PHP Version icon under the Software Category.Note: Icon may look slightly different depending on theme.

3.) This will direct you to a new page. At the top of the page there will be a drop down showing your current PHP version. Click this drop down and select the desired php version.

4.) Below the drop down will be a large list of PHP extensions. In most cases the default settings should suffice. If your application requires any additional extensions enabled, you can revisit this settings page to modify this setting. If you ever need to set the extensions to the default settings, click the Use Default Settings button.

4.) Click the Save button once you are satisfied with the configuration.

Note: You can find additional information regarding php and it’s settings by visiting cPanel’s official documentation here.

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