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Mailbox Migration in SmarterMail
Mailbox Migration in SmarterMail
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SmarterMail makes migrating the content of a mailbox to your webmail instance quick and easy using its mailbox migration tool. Additionally, you can perform this task directly from within your user-level webmail access. This tool is particularly useful if you have recently migrated your content to us and just before you update your DNS records you can use the mailbox migration to move the email content over to your Smartermail domain instance.

To begin a mailbox migration, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your SmarterMail user account: Login to SmarterMail Interface

  2. Once you have accessed your SmarterMail user account, navigate to the settings tab and select to enter the ‘Connectivity’ category.

3. There you will see the ‘Mailbox Migration’ tool. Select the blue ‘Migrate’ button to proceed.

4. The following dialog window will provide you with common mail options (outlook, gmail, yahoo, etc…). Select the desired provider and click ‘other’.

5. You will now need to enter the corresponding login details and settings.
Server Address - Name or IP Address of the server you are connecting to
Type - Protocol such as IMAP or POP3
Port - Port number (POP3 110 or SSL: 995 or IMAP 143 or SSL: 993)
Username - Generally the user address: [email protected]
Password - User address password
Require SSL - Will this determine how the SmarterMail system will attempt to connect.
Delete existing SmarterMail Mailbox items - This option will overwrite existing content.

6. Select the ‘Start’ button to begin the migration.

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