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Securing your Hostek Logins
Securing your Hostek Logins

How to secure your WCP & WHMCS Login

Updated over a week ago

If you have received a notification of a login to WCP or Hostek Client Billing Area from a new IP and this IP is unknown or suspicious, the steps below will help to secure your account.

  • Change your password from a known clean device.

  • Use a secure password, see this article for tips on creating a strong password policy.

  • Scan any devices that connect to your Control Panel for malware using an AntiVirus Scanner.

  • Having different passwords for different sites/services can limit the extent of a compromise.

  • If one password is compromised, you should consider all passwords compromised and change these as well. Especially if the same password is used frequently.

  • Utilize 2 factor authentication where possible. See this article for steps to enable this for your WHMCS account.

For additional information on securing your billing contol panel please see the following article.

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