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Configuring SiteLock 911 scan
Configuring SiteLock 911 scan

A guide on how to get your SiteLock 911 scan configured and going.

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Getting your SiteLock 911 scan configured

1. Login to the your SiteLock Dashboard

2. You will see the following pop-up, press 'Configure'

3. You will be navigated to the following page where you will then need to input FTP credentials.

You can create an FTP user through WCP or cPanel.

Please note that the site needs to be up and navigable in order for SiteLock to be able to successfully scan the site.

4. You will now want to run the scan by returning to the SiteLock dashboard and running the scan by clicking the following icon:

5. Navigate back to the SMART section in the SiteLock dashboard and verify that the scan is done. The scan will display a yellow notification box similar to the following:

6. Congratulations, you have completed the 911 Scan!

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