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SiteLock Dashboard
SiteLock Dashboard

A brief overview of the different options within the SiteLock dashboard.

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  1. Collapses and expands the left panel with the different dashboard items.

  2. Brings you to the compliance page to finish any incomplete configurations

  3. Brings you to the SiteLock Trust Seal settings

  4. Shows any notifications that you may receive from SiteLock

  5. Downloads a security summary report

At the top right, you can change the language and find the logout button.

Dashboard - Brings you to the Dashboard for an overview of the products.

Sites - Shows you the current sites under your account.

Users - Provides a list of the logins for the account, including the ability to create more users and logins.

Settings - Brings you to the settings page where you can configure different account, site, and scan settings.

Account - Show and edit the customer contact information for the account and sites, Subscription packages, and history of the account.

Help - Provides you the SiteLock help pages that contain additional information for their products, setup, and documentation regarding the different features.


Green Checkmark - Everything is in compliance.

Red X - There is a problem, something failed, or malware/vulnerability was found.

Yellow Exclamation Point - There is a pending task(a scan) or the feature needs to be configured.

Gray Arrow - Your service needs to be upgraded to use this feature.

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