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SiteLock Account Security Settings
SiteLock Account Security Settings

How to setup and configure SiteLock account security settings.

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Enabling 2FA for SiteLock

You can find the Two-Factor Authentication settings within the 'Settings' tab in the SiteLock Dashboard.

Once you navigate here, you should see the following page:

You will see two 2FA options which you may activate:
​Configure mobile-app two-factor authentication - Enables the use of mobile application for two-factor authentication. You will need to check the box and scan the QR code. After this, you may test the authentication by checking the 'Select this to test mobile-app configuration.' box and provide the 6-digit code to verify this works.

Configure text-message two-factor authentication - Enables the use of two-factor authentication for text messages. Once you have provided a phone number, you can check the 'Select this to test text-message configuration.' box and you will receive a five-character code to verify with.
​Please note, you do not include the [bracket] characters.

Configuring Security Question

You can configure the Security Question by navigating to the 'Security Settings' tab as seen here:

Here, you can configure a Security Question which can be used whenever you have forgotten your password.

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