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Hostek Spam Policy
Hostek Spam Policy

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Spam Policy

We have a strict NO SPAM policy. Any account that ignores this policy and sends SPAM anyway is subject to immediate termination.

  • Do NOT buy an email list.

  • Do NOT send emails to an email list you already bought.

  • Do NOT send emails to anyone that has not first emailed you.

  • Do NOT send emails to someone just because they are a domain contact on a whois lookup.

  • Do not be fooled by web sites that claim they can send your emails to "clean" lists, or opt-in lists. These are not acceptable.

Generally, double-opt-in lists are acceptable if they can provide proof of the double opt-in, including date, time and IP the subscriber used to complete the double opt-in.

Bulk Mail

If you are on a shared hosting server but have a large bulk mail needs, we do offer specialized Bulk Mail packages. The link below will provide additional information on these options.

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